Executive Briefing:
the Effective Enterprise Framework™

a powerful business approach designed to improve the effectiveness of every organisation – regardless of geography, size, scale, or line of business. It recognises that every organisation is a living system that routinely interacts with other living systems, within complex ecosystems populated by constantly changing configurations of uncertainty, ambiguity and variety.

Here are ten ways that The Effective Enterprise Framework™ adds real value:

  1. Creates comprehensive and coherent linkages between, Vision, Strategy, Policy and Operations.
  2. Synergises previous investments, such as Balanced Scorecard, ABC, BPM, Six Sigma, LEAN etc. etc.
  3. Establishes effective channels for devising and sharing essential corporate meanings, in support of a Sustainable Strategy Model.
  4. Builds effective governance models throughout the enterprise.
  5. Helps make sense of an ambiguous, uncertain and complex environment.
  6. Facilitates a multiple perspective, trans‐boundary enterprise that can engage/ disengage with increased agility.
  7. Institutes double‐loop learning and feedback monitoring as core capabilities for improved understanding and insight.
  8. Inculcates true internal alignment (business and info‐structure) by harnessing truly dynamic tools and techniques to the challenges of managing change.
  9. Profiles the symbiotic tensions that govern enterprise resource bargaining.
  10. Expresses the Unspoken Cautionary Indicators (warning signs) that constrain every enterprise but are often below the enterprise radar.

This briefing introduces the Effective Enterprise Framework™ which can be applied by ‘for-profit’ and ‘not-for-profit’ undertakings.

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