Executive Briefing:
truly effective information systems

The prevailing focus remains exclusively on IT, with scant recognition that IT is only a subsidiary component of any information system – alongside people, process and organisation.

This narrowness of vision creates huge gaps between stakeholder expectations and delivery, with unexpected cost and disappointment still being the most likely outcomes of investing in information technology.

If we want our situation to improve, we must move on from the old world thinking and address the following fundamental questions:

  • What do we really need for the future?
  • How do we change things to make our visions reality?
  • How do we make sure that our information systems remain relevant to our evolving business and add persistent value to successful organisations?

This briefing explores the case for moving forward from the redundant IT-centric paradigm, towards a new operating model that will help all of us to achieve and sustain truly effective information systems.

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Those who rail against complexity, on principle, have not yet really understood the world we inhabit. — colin beveridge