Research Theme: the CIO Agenda

We appreciate that CIO is never an easy job and we know that, to remain really effective in the role, a CIO will not only need to have the right skills, outlook and background but also a firm grasp of the rapidly changing landscape of technology management.

Better Practice is exceptionally well placed to understand the CIO Agenda because Colin Beveridge, our Research Director, has substantial experience of being a CIO and IT Director, with responsibility for strategic development, business focus and service delivery.

This background and direct insight into the pressures and challenge of being an effective CIO are truly significant differentiators between Better Practice and many other analyst firms.

Major Research Topics within this theme:

  • Business Integrity (incorporates Compliance, Governance & Risk)
  • Resource Management
  • Service Management (Delivery, Development & Support)
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategy

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Implementation planning? You need to go well beyond the plausibility barrier. — colin beveridge